Testimonial Martin Knudsen

Martin Knudsen is dog handler, giving seminars and was recently the first half helper at the WUSV 2018 in DK/Randers. In November he joined a Workshop in Norway and here is what he has to say about it. Thank you very much Martin for these kind…

Tracking Time

No matter what dry conditions we had the latest weeks...once we are in "food training" we have to go tracking every single day!

Playing dogs...

Today we didn't train...we just played with our camera ;-) The boys are so COOL together and they love to spend time with each others. Enjoy the pictures....

Workshop Leverkusen February 2018

Vielen Dank für das tolle Wochenende! Ihr wart SPITZE!!  

Gerald Groos 5 Minuten Interview

Gerald erzählt über seinen Werdegang, die Entwicklung des Schäferhundes und über seine Erfahrungen mit dem Ausbildungssystem von TopDog.